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All information relating to the first part of the project, which was held from 25-27 March 2014 at Münster University, Germany.


Report on the second ‘History of Heralds’ workshop (Münster, 25-27 March 2015)

Between 25-27 March, Münster was home to the second ‘History of Heralds’ workshop. This workshop was a continuation of last year’s session with the same main goal: producing a book that puts the herald in a new perspective in a collaborative effort. The longing for a new work on this subject stems from...


List of Participants (Workshop 2)

Belloy, Vincent (Paris) Berrendero, José Antonio Guillén (Madrid) Blanchard, Jean-Christophe (Nancy) Brero, Thalia (Geneva) Cheesman, Clive (London) Clemmensen, Steen (Farum) Couhault, Pierre (Paris) Göbl, Michael (Vienna) Grosjean, Alexandre (Paris) Hiltmann, Torsten (Münster) Hofman, Elmar (Münster) Howard, Derek (Brussels) Klesmann, Bernd (Cologne) Meer, Marcus (Münster) Metelo de Seixas, Miguel (Lisbon) Portugal, João  (Lisbon) Ramsay,...


Programme: The History of Heralds in Europe (12th-18th c.): State of the Art and New Perspectives – Workshop.2 (Münster, 25-27 March 2015)

25 March 2015 2:30 – 3:00 pm Welcome and introduction Torsten Hiltmann (Münster) 3:00 – 4:30 pm   Wim van Anrooij (Leiden) Heralds, History and Heraldry: The Case of the Haarlem Panels of the Counts of Holland (1493)   Miguel Metelo de Seixas (Lisbon) Le rôle des hérauts à la cour du roi...


“History of Heralds” Workshop Part II (25-27 March 2015, Münster)

The extent to which heralds contributed to the political and cultural life of the medieval and early modern periods has been underestimated, even neglected by historical scholarship so far. In 2014, the first part of the workshop series “History of Heralds” set out to change this, aiming to establish the foundation towards a...


João António Portugal (Lisbon)

João António Portugal, né en 1965 à Leiria, Portugal, au-delà de sa formation juridique (Université de Lisbonne), dont il fait profession, s’intéresse à l’histoire du phénomène héraldique. Il appartient à l’Institut Portugais d’Héraldique (Instituto Português de Heráldica – membre effectif), à l’Academie Lusitaine d’Héraldique (Academia Lusitana de Heráldica – fondateur), au Centre Lusiade...

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