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Participation in the Marked Place of the Annual Meeting of the Medieval Network CARMEN

On September 9th, the annual meeting of CARMEN, organised and hosted by the Historical Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen, took place in Essen. CARMEN is a worldwide medieval network that aims to link research institutions, universities, groups and individuals ‘with a common scholarly interest in the study of the Middle Ages.’ Besides...


Tools for Research

There are two main tools that may help in writing this book and doing further research together. The database “Heraudica” This database goes back to my time at the German Historical Institute in Paris, where I created this database for a project called “Les hérauts d’armes dans les sources bourguignons (1386-1519)”. In the...


The Book Project

The workshop shall not lead to the usual kind of conference proceedings. The idea is rather to write some kind of a “Companion to the history of heralds” together. While there are already two good collections of papers on heralds[1], there has not been a structured overall assessment of the history of heralds...

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