Author: Elmar Hofman


Report on the second ‘History of Heralds’ workshop (Münster, 25-27 March 2015)

Between 25-27 March, Münster was home to the second ‘History of Heralds’ workshop. This workshop was a continuation of last year’s session with the same main goal: producing a book that puts the herald in a new perspective in a collaborative effort. The longing for a new work on this subject stems from...


Proceedings of the Workshop: ‘History of Heralds in Europe (12th-18th c.)’ – Münster, 26-28 March 2014

In spite of their prominent role in many aspects of political and cultural life, heralds have remained rather obscure historical figures. The two-part workshop ‘History of heralds’ aims to shed light on these elusive persons, their backgrounds, functions and meaning in medieval and early modern society. The first of this two-part workshop was...

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