Participation in the Marked Place of the Annual Meeting of the Medieval Network CARMEN

'History of Heralds'- Book Projekt Poster

On September 9th, the annual meeting of CARMEN, organised and hosted by the Historical Institute of the University of Duisburg-Essen, took place in Essen. CARMEN is a worldwide medieval network that aims to link research institutions, universities, groups and individuals ‘with a common scholarly interest in the study of the Middle Ages.’ Besides workshops and an extensive number of interesting projects that were presented by researchers of the Historical Institute and other institutions, a so called market place was organized by CARMEN. This setting has been designed to offer the opportunity to present current research, exchange information and make contact with other like-minded researchers or become acquainted with other projects.

Alongside other exciting projects from all over Europe, we were given the chance to present our History of Heralds-Project, as well as the approach and method of ‘collaborative writing’ with the intention to reach a broad public and to exchange ideas with other researches about our approach and the topic itself. The feedback we received showed the participant’s keen interest not only in the topic of our project but in the use of new digital methods of writing together in international teams as well. To sum up: the presentation of the ‘History of Heralds’-Book Project resulted in very fruitful, interesting and promising contacts to other visitors and participants as well as a lot of encouragement to proceed. Further questions, suggestions and criticism are more than welcome – feel free to use our project address

Further information on Market Place:

‘History of Heralds’-Book Project Flyer

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