José Antonio Guillen Berrendero (Madrid)

Born in Madrid (1972), and after my Doctor europeus at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, I was I Marie Curie Fellow, Post-doc Fellow and Professor-Researcher at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. During the last fourteen years I studied of the idea of nobility in Europe from a social history perspective. In this field, I analysed the idea of dominant nobility in Castile and Portugal during the Modern Age from a comparative perspective. I studied the role of books about nobility published between 1556 and 1640 in both kingdoms, and analysed the role and discourse on honour that can be found in the proofs of nobility in both kingdoms. And finally, I focused on analysing the role that services surrounding the nobility have had in both kingdoms, including services such as the King of Heralds’, informer for the Council of the Military Orders, genealogist and such. Therefore, my research focuses on the study of discourse on nobility and the idea of nobility in two kingdoms which, during the same period of time, belonged to the same dynasty, Habsburg. It also aims to understand the role of the nobility as a feature of the cosmopolitanism that presides the construction of Europe during the Modern Age.

I collaborate with four different universities: Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de Lisboa, Universidad de Évora and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. My duties as research assistant are linked to three research centres of these universities: Instituto de Ciências Sociais (Universidad de Lisboa), CIDEHUS (Universidad de Évora), and IULCE (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). I published four monographs (three as author, one as co-author), and more than thirty scientific publications. Furthermore I am or have been involved in national and international research projects; more than forty conferences; teaching; seminars coordination; edition and collaboration with academic journals; student tutorials; among many other things.



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