Heralds and Parliaments (Anna-Maria Blank)

My interest in the history of heralds dates back to the moment when I started working on my doctoral thesis on the subject of iconography of Early Modern political assemblies. This project is still in progress and focuses primarily on the English parliament. Not only was the first picture of a parliament opening session painted by a herald, but all other pictures of 16th-century parliaments as well – these visual records were produced by heralds and can be found in their compilations. Therefore, a comprehensive survey of the iconography of early modern political assemblies in England has to include and consider the various connections of heralds and parliament. My contribution to the workshop refers to diverse topics: First, the different duties of heralds in parliament; second, the characteristic manner of recording and picturing the political and social order of parliaments, and finally, the production of visual and textual knowledge and its successive transfer. Furthermore, I am interested in discussing the possibility of comparing the heralds at other European assemblies  and their part to play in the choreography and iconography of these complex institutions.

Anna-Maria Blank (Humboldt-Universität Berlin)

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