Chapter 6: Outlook and Impact

The last chapter will give a summary of what has been said in the volume and put it in context in order to open new perspectives for further research. It will look again at the definition of heralds, already discussed in the introductory chapter and adjust it to the findings of the volume. In particular, it will emphasise the different openings of this topic and demonstrate the variety of fields of research it may contribute to give a better understanding of them, such as: state building, media change, political, cultural and social changes, self-legitimation, historical culture or the relationship between noblemen, princes and other political bodies such as cities and estates. Doing so, it may also emphasise the strange endurance of this office and its ability of adaption. So on the one hand, it will underscore the uniqueness of this particular office. On the other hand, it will offer an outlook on all the potential that it holds for further research in history, but also in other domains.

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Torsten Hiltmann

Torsten Hiltmann is Juniorprofessor for the High and Late Middle Ages and Auxiliary Sciences at the University of Münster. He is interested in medieval and early modern visual communication and heraldry, the medieval notion of kingship and the methods and technologies of Digital Humanities.

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